whytoughmama-imgMy Grandma was a tough yet loving woman. She was also a fantastic cook who lived well into her late 80’s.

As a young girl, she taught me the basics of how to clean, iron, choose ingredients, and prepare meals from scratch. She often just used the most basic appliances. She said “The secret to cooking good food lies only in fresh ingredients and no over seasoning.” Most of all, she taught me that one doesn’t need the most complex equipment in order to produce good food or to run a household.

It is this philosophy of my grandma which inspired me to create TOUGH MAMA, a brand dedicated to delivering first-class yet affordable appliances in the Philippines.

Appliances that are not only made simple and can provide the best value for your hard earned money but can allow you more time to enjoy life with your family. Home to good and cheap appliances in the Philippines, you can be sure that Tough Mama’s offerings are made from premium-quality materials designed to last for a lifetime.

I will never carry an appliance I myself won’t use, that’s my promise to you.

To all the tough mamas, and the men who lovingly support them, I wish you the best. Salamat po sa pagtangkilik ninyo ng TOUGH MAMA brand.


CHERENZ GLOBAL MANUFACTURING, INC. was created out of an unserved market demand. With twenty years of first-hand knowledge in the manufacturing and marketing of the family Nikon Home Appliances, the people behind Cherenz Global Manufacturing, Inc. have accumulated enough experience to merit a thorough understanding of the Philippines small appliance industry, consumer habit and preferences.

Our aim is to continue the goodwill of the Nikon Home Appliances and place our own creative mark on quality products through the TOUGH MAMA brand for women’s and kitchen appliances (electric fans, rice cookers, hair tools) and through modern flip calendar clocks by international brands TWEMCO and ICON.

We serve and adjust to the corporate requirements of institutions looking for promotional electrical appliances all year round as gifts, sales incentives, promo bundling, or seasonal in-store promotions.

Our mission is to create satisfaction and success in your business through the products we carry.