Tough Mama’s brand endorser, Jennylyn Mercado will continue being part of the Tough Mama family and has just renewed her contract with the company last May 30.

The Ultimate Star has been the image of the brand for two (2) years now and as a Mom herself, she truly defines who and what Tough Mama is – reliable, committed, smart and resilient.

(Jennylyn Mercado on her contract signing with Tough Mama)

Aside from contract signing, the host-singer-actress also had fun during her latest photo shoot for Tough Mama together with the great and very talented, Mark Nicdao. Below are some of Jennylyn’s Behind The Scene photos:

Jennylyn’s wise choice of home and kitchen appliances made her everyday life easier and simpler. Tough Mama works best not just for a working mom like the Ultimate Star but for all kinds of head of household – may it be for a single mom or a hardworking dad!

Guaranteed by its safety, reliability and toughness, Tough Mama Home and Kitchen appliances will surely make each home a better one.

Tough Mama Home and Kitchen Appliances is available in all leading department stores and appliance centers nationwide.