Gas Stove

As far as cooking goes, even in a time of home automation, nothing can beat the efficiency and durability of a quality gas stove. This classic kitchen piece is specially designed to last for several years, and is suitable for frequent and reliable use. Compared to its electric counterpart, the gas stove is low-maintenance, more budget-friendly, and widely available in any market.

Despite the rise of induction cookers, gas stoves have maintained their popularity in most households in the country, and with good reason. Gas stoves are either fitted with a stainless steel or glass top, both of which have their advantages. For instance, while glass tops are generally scratch-proof and have a longer-lasting sheen, stainless steel ones are extremely durable and easy to clean.

Apart from not being reliant on electricity and its low maintenance, the traditional gas stove provides several benefits when it comes to cooking. This includes a more precise temperature control using the rotary knob. Regardless of the type and material of cookware being used, heating is relatively quicker and heat distribution is more even when using a gas stove. In terms of portability and installation, a single burner or double burner gas stove is lightweight and does not require special skills or tools to set up.

From its performance to maintenance, a quality gas stove is a necessity in the home. Tough Mama offers the best kitchen appliances brand in the Philippines, including a range of gas stoves, at budget-friendly and affordable prices. For more information about their products and services, call (+632) 441-8385.